Business and

Internet project for building a business with a strong direct sales company

Are you tired of spending a third of Your lifetime on an unsatisfying job?
Are you looking for the main source of income, but you doubt yourself and your abilities?
You need an additional source of income, which can be combined with your work?
You're a young mom and looking for a job that will allow to give maximum attention to the family?
You want something new in your life, but You are afraid of changes?
You are no longer sixteen and You can't get a job because employers think You are VERY old?
We collaborate with the Faberlic company
International company — 29 countries
The company is a part of the Direct Selling Association
Own production
The optimal price and high quality products
The company has its own scientific research center
Business can be inherited
You have three scenarios for creating Your own business

You purchase products with a discount for yourself, try it and make sure of its quality, sell the products to your friends and earn the percentage of sales.

You enter the program of large-scale sales, get a 26% discount on merchandise and additional remuneration for sales.

You create your own network of consultants. You train them and get rewarded from the company for your team's sales +% from your personal sales.

Want to join our team?
What kind of income you can get with Your own business with Faberlic
Everyone who is serious about business and implementing the recommendations of a personal tutor, can increase their income to 700$ per month in 4-6 months.
Additional prizes and bonuses for the achievements, rapid growth and development; payments to mothers at birth of a child.
Advantages of the project"Business and Faberlic"
Work on the Internet at any time convenient for you
Free training
No need for start-up capital
You'll get your own online store for free
A mentor will support you in Russia and abroad by "Viber"
Active partners get their own landing Webpages for free
Partnership scheme
You register in the project
A mentor contacts you
The mentor gives You an overview of the company
You take online training with the support of the mentor
After 4-6 months your income will reach 700$ / month